Discover the benefits of replacement for men over 50 years of age.


Testosterone is a hormone current in men and to a lesser extent in ladies. It is expounded to sexual want, fertility, and secondary male traits comparable to hair progress and muscle composition.

Endocrinologist Lorena Lima Amato explains that in andropause starting in the 50s, it's not unusual for testosterone ranges to drop. Hormonal adjustments could cause signs comparable to temper swings, decreased libido and excessive fatigue.

"Hormone replacement can restore well-being, improve libido, scale back fatigue and assist keep muscle mass," the physician stated.

In basic, testosterone needs to be changed when its worth is decrease than the indicator thought of regular for the affected person's age group. However, remedy needs to be began solely when indicated by an endocrinologist. Know the varieties of hormone replacement and when to see a health care provider:

Types of hormone replacement

There are some ways to use hormone replacement remedy in men. The choices are:

  • The replacement of transdermal testosterone is by skin-absorbing gel.
  • intramuscularly via injection;
  • By injecting hormones beneath the pores and skin and altering each 6 months;
  • Oral replacement via tablets.


Who does she slot in with?

Treatment is indicated for men who, for some cause, have a drop in testosterone ranges, a situation known as hypogonadism. Among the causes for this are:

  • Genetic situations;
  • Surgical or inflammatory situation that interferes with the operate of the pituitary gland or testicles.
  • Aging;
  • Chronic illnesses comparable to diabetes and weight problems.


The benefits of testosterone replacement are:

  • Restore a way of well-being;
  • Improve sexual want;
  • Reduce emotions of fatigue;
  • Potential enhancements for erectile dysfunction;
  • Improves muscle mass and bone well being.


Treatment isn't really helpful for men with any sort of most cancers as a result of the tumor might be stimulated by hormones. It also needs to not be given to individuals with excessive cardiovascular danger or these with sure persistent illnesses.

Affected elements

When remedy is concentrated solely on rising testosterone to physiological ranges, the hormonal-related results themselves are nearly invisible. These results might be related to the strategies used. Injections, for instance, can result in some hostile reactions.

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