Social networks and Big Data: the curriculum of the Internet

Through content creation and active participation on social media, people can build an "online resume" that allows them to showcase their skills, experience, and personality to potential employers and clients. Although, there are also risks and challenges associated with the use of social media. These include the exposure of personal and private information , the spread of misinformation , and the over-reliance on social validation .


But how can companies take advantage of this vast amount of data to improve their efficiency and make better decisions? The answer lies in Big Data . Big Data is a discipline that is responsible for managing and analyzing large volumes of data to extract valuable and relevant information for companies.


    Social networks as a curriculum on the Internet thanks to Big Data

    Big Data, the technique that companies use to obtain information and recruit employees

    Belarmino García, director of the Master in Big Data & Business Intelligence, has indicated that « from the point of view of a company, when one tries to obtain information, the information exists in the world of the Internet, wherever it comes from, although much of it she's from social media ."

    There are many companies that before proceeding to recruit people in an organization, part of the information of these people is obtained from the world of social networks . The director added that "through the information they obtain from social networks, they can redefine whether that candidate matches the skills and personal values ​​they are looking for in the people they want to hire."

    Microtargeting from Big Data and social networks

    Microtargeting refers to the practice of using detailed data about individuals to target advertising messages or  influence the decisions of customers , consumers , or the general public. In this context, with the advancement of Big Data, companies can collect great information , thanks to the data and exposure on social networks, about the tastes and preferences of their target audience .

    Through data analytics and advanced algorithms, companies can identify patterns and trends in collected data to better understand online users and create personalized ads and messages for them. However, microtargeting has also raised concerns about the privacy and security of online users' personal data.

    Social networks as a database of online behavior

    Users generate a large amount of data and online activity through the massive use of social networks , which allows these to be seen as a database of users' online behavior , which can be used to analyze your behavior online.

    Data analysts may collect insights from social networks to gain insight into user preferences and trends online. For example, browsing habits and posts on social networks can be analyzed to better understand user preferences, interests and needs.

    This, in turn, can help businesses create more effective and personalized marketing strategies for their potential customers. Furthermore, researchers can use this data to study online behavior patterns and trends in social media.

    In short, social networks have become a personal curriculum…

    Because companies look for information about their company's candidates on social networks . With the use of Big Data , they are able to collect the necessary information to filter and observe the behavior of their employees , as well as the target audience to which their products or services are directed. Become an expert in social networks and Big Data, and learn with renowned professionals in Big Data and Business Intelligence such as Belarmino García. Do you need academic advice? Request a free mentoring session  with our team of advisors.

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