Top Digital Trends 2023

This report offers a global vision of the market in a practical and effective way , analyzing the keys to the business in 2023. In this Next Education post, we tell you the details and digital trends for this 2023:


    Top Digital Trends in 2023

    1. Digital audio, one of the biggest digital trends

    The consumption of audio products has grown exponentially. This format has meant a change in the form of user consumption habits. In this sense, the trends that stand out the most for this 2023 in digital audio are hyper-personalization through Voice advertising . What this allows is a hyper interaction, that is, achieving a direct connection between the brand and the user.

    On the other hand, audio acquires relevance in the metaverse, being a non-intrusive format in the form of a playlist, event comments, etc. And finally, the role of the podcast . This radio format is not something new, but it is a trend that remains a key piece in 2023. 

    2. Branded Content

    Branded  Content consists of generating content linked to a brand that allows connecting with the consumer. In this area, it is worth highlighting transmedia content , that is, generating a story through three or more platforms.

    On the other hand, social networks are a cornerstone in Branded Content . In this sense, thanks to these interaction platforms it is possible to reach all the targets and be able to achieve an effective way of communication with the user.

    3. Data

    Artificial intelligence breaks into marketing campaigns . In this context, it is helping to create new experiences and personalize customer experiences to gain greater customer loyalty. Likewise, Data ACR (automatic content recognition) works both on television and on other devices. Its main function is to recognize the content that we have seen and it suggests and proposes a new one in relation to our tastes and preferences.

    Finally, the Cookieless system is declining , and in DATA there is talk of another trend that is Sync , that is, an alternative for a new environment without cookies. In this context, it is a synchronization or connection between different solutions. 

    4. Digital Out of Home

    We are going to have greater automation and creativity, with dynamic content and programmatic outdoor advertising are advancing very quickly and allow us to segment intelligently, alternatively, dynamically and in real time to better reach the target.

    Likewise, another trend in outdoor advertising is the possibility of having interactivity anywhere . In such a way that working with augmented reality allows us to work generating unique experiences in unique places. 

    5. Ecommerce

    In electronic commerce, that is, buying and selling products over the Internet, the Retail Media boom took place. This term refers to advertising at the point of sale , that is, the promotion of products or services through advertising media in online stores or marketplaces.

    In addition, Conversational Commerce is growing . In this sense, brands are working with the use of chat bots to generate personalized experiences in the shopping environment. And finally, in this sector there has been the rise of Live Shopping . 

    6. E-sports

    E-sports and gaming are great environments, in which a young target stands out mainly. The world of  electronic sports is growing exponentially and more and more are joining this discipline, although Spain still has a long way to go. On the other hand, the metaverse has entered gamer territory , being a meeting point for brands and a way of non-intrusive advertising.

    7. Influencer Marketing, one of the biggest digital trends

    The biggest trend in this sector is micro-communities , that is, interacting with smaller audiences that help find different targets to connect more effectively with brands. Likewise, there are new sectors that are committed to influence marketing , especially in the hotel and restaurant industry. And new forms of contracting. In this context, before an influencer was hired for his number of followers, and currently brands are betting more on micro influencers , since they have a better segmentation of their followers and less advertising saturation. 

    8. Affiliate Marketing 

    Affiliate marketing is  a type of digital marketing in which the advertiser pays only for the results obtained . In this area there has been a change in attribution and more flexible commissions . In this sense, there is such a diversity of collaborations that hybrid payments are already being made and the industry is adapting to these changes. In addition, the integrations for the world without cookies and with ad-blokers must be taken into account . In this context, this year is key to adapt to these integrations and not depend on third parties. 

    9. Metaverso

    It is an ecosystem that is backed by technology and supports the monetization and revenue lines. The metaverse has managed to enhance the narrative capacity to tell stories with immersion and interactivity with users applied to 21st century brands. In this sense, the interaction with stories has been gamified to achieve a unique experience between the user and the brand. 

    10. Programmatic

    The programmatic  consists of using an automatic platform to buy advertising impressions , in which the data about the target audience, the budget and the objectives of the campaign are entered. For this, mastering the omnichannel is essential , that is, acquiring efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic advertising campaigns.

    On the other hand, another trend is the supply-side orientation . The target has traditionally always been on the demand side, but this has changed due to the new regulations on privacy, the consolidation of technologies and the growth of the private market. 

    11. Native Advertising 

    Native advertising is that type of advertising that occurs when a user who visits a website is carried away by the content to another part of it, even making some type of conversion such as buying, subscribing, contracting, etc.

    Publishers have transformed all brand environments to be more effective and are making them more focused on video. In this sense, the native video format is essential to achieve brand awareness. 

    12. Social Networks 

    The biggest trend on social media platforms is Live Shopping . This concept refers to a sales strategy that is based on live or streaming broadcasts on platforms such as social networks or YouTube , with the aim of showing the benefits of a product or service in an authentic way that connects with the interested audience. exactly on that offer.

    Likewise, alternative platforms have become a challenge for brands, since there are more and more of them and it is necessary to know and know which one I should be on depending on the network in which your target interacts the most. Finally, vertical video is already and will be one of the biggest trends and revolutions , since almost all platforms are promoting vertical videos.

    13. Retail Media 

    The Retail Media Networks arose in this sector . In this sense, there are more and more retailers but many are small, which is why Retail Media networks are being created with two main objectives: growth and diversification to reach other targets.

    On the other hand, this 2023 we have to say goodbye to seasonality . In the past, retail campaigns were focused on different times of the year, such as Christmas, but currently they take place throughout the year. In such a way that for this it is necessary to have knowledge of the audience and the target.

    14. Connected TV 

    The main trend in connected television is the move from the subscription to the "freemium" model . This means reducing subscription costs wagered by advertising. Likewise, exclusive digital creativity and interaction with the user are essential and are carried out through ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) , in order to work on the recognition that the user has had by suggesting content.

    15. Video Online, one of the biggest digital trends

    This 2023 in online video you have to bet on short, different and fun creativity. There is an increasing predilection for video ads, but also by consumers. The consumption of this format is expected to reach a large part of online traffic.

    Finally, there is a proliferation of FATS channels and the freemium model. In this sense, FAST channels or “free ad-supported streaming television” are those free channels or platforms that are monetized through advertising. And the freemium model is a business model based on the creation and provision of a free product or service, but which becomes paid to have some extra features.


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