The Best CRM Software for 2023

The Best CRM Software of 2023 - Business


A CRM is an advanced solution that is used to manage three fundamental areas of a company: marketing, commercial area and after-sales service (customer service). In reality, all the actions that are part of the process are aimed at improving the relationship with potential customers and increasing the number of sales.

Thus, the CRM tool offers relevant customer information, which allows creating more promising and effective marketing campaigns, as well as boosting productivity . The result is to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty, while obtaining very positive results in terms of sales.


    Best CRM tools on the market

    In the market there are different alternatives that you can use depending on the needs of your company. In fact, it is possible to create a custom CRM . Be that as it may, from here we are going to name some of the most outstanding software for you to take into account when replacing the obsolete spreadsheet.


    Salesforce CRM is an innovative platform ( here you will learn about its main features ) that far outperforms many competing management software . It is currently the number 1 selling application in the world, thanks to its artificial intelligence - based tools and its custom applications to automate . It may be the best CRM software for both large companies and SMEs . And it is that Salesforce also knows what a small company is, since when they started their activity in 1999 they did it from the bedroom of an apartment.

    It is one of the most used CRM in Spain . For example , in 2019 three quarters of the Ibex 35 used Salesforce , including companies such as Santander, BBVA, Telefónica, Iberostar or Iberia among their clients.


    • Wide selection of advanced features and customization options
    • Powerful social collaboration tools
    • Use of third-party or custom applications


    • Requires higher level of learning


    The price of Salesforce will depend on the functionalities you need and the user license finally contracted:

    • Lightning Essentials is the most basic version (€25)
    • Lightning Professional, somewhat more complete (€75)
    • Lightning Enterprise, fully customizable (150€)Zoho CRM is a tool
    • Lightning Unlimited, with extra functions and unlimited support, training and assistance service (€300)

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM is a very competitively priced tool that will also allow you to manage marketing, sales and support on a single platform. Within its client portfolio are large companies such as Renault or Amazon.


    • Powerful digital marketing tools
    • Automation of essential tasks
    • 24-hour support and flexible plans
    • Integration with external applications


    • Slow responses from support team
    • Small software bugs that make certain functions difficult


    • Standard Version (€12)
    • Professional version (20€)
    • Enterprise version (€35)
    • Ultimate version (45€)



    HubSpot is a CRM provider focused on small businesses. It is an innovative solution that is present in all phases of interaction with the client and that allows the addition of third-party applications, whether free or paid.


    • Simple and easy to use user interface
    • Effective follow-up of each contact
    • Uncomplicated software easy to learn


    • More advanced features are missing
    • Its customization capacity is very basic
    • Only suitable for small businesses


    • Starter (41€)
    • Professional (740€)
    • Enterprise (2944€)


    Zendesk Sell

    Zendesk Sell is a software that basically stands out for its simplicity and its great potential for managing leads.


    • Strong support solutions
    • Powerful additional data analytics
    • Simple and easy to use user interface


    • Has some login issues
    • Technical glitches that can affect workflow and productivity


    • Basic Lite version (0€)
    • Professional (€19 per agent)
    • Enterprise (€59 per agent)


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